Indian subcontinents weddings are highly influenced by Bridal Mehndi design traditions and various forms of cultures also show history of henna being a part of decorations during marriages. In Indian weddings Bride follows many customs and traditions as a part of her decorative collections and palms, elbows, feet and calves are decorated with the masterpiece of Mehndi designs.

Henna designs are the natural form of designs that lasts temporarily for few days and are used effectively to make designs on the hands and feet of to-be-married girl. While the color allotted by these designs may vary according to the usage and light or dark shades can be achieved, there has been a good deal of demand for professional designers who can provide their valuable art work to give an authentic as well as majestic output.

Sakina Mehndi design service has a good backbone of experienced and gifted art work to meet up the requirement for a good Mehndi design for all occasions. Bridal Mehndi is one of the famed artwork of Sakina Mehndi design service accompanied by cost-effective and accurate design work for your hand and feet.